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  Our mission is to provide the most user-friendly products and services to our customers that maximize the safety, flexibility, and overall efficiency of their factory automation.  

AMT Machine Systems, Ltd.

Vision / Mission
Our vision is to become a premier provider of innovative modular motion control components and systems to the automation industry. We will also create unique AMT product platforms leveraging these same modular motion control components and systems into high value-added solutions. Provide a value proposition to our employees, suppliers and customers that maximize speed, efficiency, quality, communication and cost while providing a fair Return-On-Investment to AMT stakeholders.
This will be accomplished by:

  • Voice-of-customer (VOC) - Recognition of, and quick response to market needs
  • Innovative Engineering & Development of products which meet those needs
  • Lean manufacturing and six sigma quality processes for all products
  • Engineering & Consulting services working directly with customers
  • High quality customer service & technical response

Company History
AMT has a long history in the marketplace. AMT Machine System’s predecessor company, AMT Systems Engineering, Inc. (ASE), was founded in 1984 to develop a $9 million U.S. government Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) funded robotic walking vehicle.  ASE grew from its initial project into a successful commercial product-design firm performing over 300 leading-edge design projects for more than 100 customers.

AMT Machine Systems (AMT), founded in 1996, capitalized on an ASE-invented breakthrough-technology that replaces old style motion-control motor and drive systems with distributed intelligent motion-control technology. AMT’s breakthrough, branded CyberNet™ architecture, is a modular motion-control technology platform based on a network of self-contained, intelligent motors. The result is a state-of-the-art distributed control system that is highly scalable, with intelligent control nodes that connect over a standard communication bus. CyberNet™ technology is an ideal solution as embedded robotics for complex multi-axis machinery, a segment served poorly by conventional control-system technologies.

In February 2007, AMT Systems Engineering Inc. was merged into AMT Machine Systems to form a single dynamic company reorganized to advance and exploit the industry leading CyberNet™ technology platform into a full product portfolio. The initial product offering utilizing this technology is AMT's highly successful ServoCam® system

AMT markets the ServoCam® system nationally and sells direct and through representative organizations.

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